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The Department of Culture of the Basque Government is going to celebrate the “Languages and Immigration” International Congress, which has been organized in collaboration with the Technical Committee of “AMARAUNA Languages” of UNESCO Etxea.

Facing different voices that foresee the loss of linguistic diversity in the world, it is the purpose of the “Languages and Immigration” Congress to better understand the new multilingual context of the Basque Country. In this context, we would like to approach the Basque language to immigrants and to promote the learning of Basque as well as the preservation of their own native language. Besides, participants will propose and debate about how language diversity in the Basque Country should be managed, by means of analyzing different experiences of communities with minority languages.

Simultaneous translation will be offered.

Therefore, we invite you to participate in the conference about “Languages and Immigration”. If you want to attend the congress enter the registration section or contact us in +34 94 427 64 32.